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HTC One with Android 4.3

HTC had lately declared the Search engines Edition of the HTC One right after New Samsung had HTC One with Android 4.3declared the Search engines Edition of the Universe S4. Both the gadgets went for selling a few days ago at the US Search engines Play Store.

Now the Search engines Edition of the HTC One with Android 4.3 has been identified in records of the Wireless SIG. Wireless SIG appears for Wireless Special Interest Group which is the body that manages Wireless requirements and is the one that permits the use of Wireless technology to producers.

So getting the information about a system in its records is a source reliable enough. The design which has been identified has the design no. PN071 which is the design no. of the Search engines Edition of the HTC One.

It got a documentation on This summer 5 after the application about the same was registered on the Eighteenth of This summer. Being a Search engines Edition system, it will get software up-dates straight from Search engines as and when they are launched.

The next thing that you will be thinking is about why a system which is already for selling would go for an acceptance to SIG. The reason behind it is the point that the product will get an Android operating system 4.3 upgrade in near future which will give it the Wireless 4.0 LE support. It is a power saving form of Wireless which has been known as Low Energy version.

The smart phone will get the Android operating system 4.3 upgrade pretty soon as Search engines is predicted to declare Android operating system 4.3 later next month. Together with the upgrade, the company is also predicted to release the next creation of Nexus gadgets which will have some real good components, the newest form of Android operating system and both these things will come at a price which will be hard to coordinate.

Recently an Asus made Nexus 7 was also identified at the Wireless SIG which further gives reliability to the point that the Android operating system 4.3 upgrade is not far away.