Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia’s most Cheap Windows Mobile 8 smart phone, Lumia 520 has obtained enough attention Nokia Lumia 520from the customers across the world for its low-cost tag. According to a review from Search engines Styles, in the last 30 days, the Nokia Lumia 520 has even exceeded Lumia 920 and the constant development reveals that it has handled to go through across the international marketplaces in a good reputation.

As the customers have become conscious of the functions, specifications and the performance of the price range Windows Mobile 8 device, the device has almost more than doubled its revenue. The on the internet stores in Indian are also doing their bit to force up the revenue of the device even further.

Initially, Nokia Lumia 520 was published in Indian at Rs 10,499, but there are several on the internet stores that are promoting the well-known devce for much less.

Here is our record of top 10 locations were you shop for the Lumia 520:

Snapdeal: Buy the most Cheap Windows Mobile 8 device from Snapdeal at Rs 9,390 and there are easy 3 and 6 several weeks EMI without attention.

ShopClues: If you are looking for a better cope, ShopClues is promoting the device at Rs 9,499 and provides further lower price on it as well.

Amazon: Amazon Indian is offering the Nokia Lumia 520 at Rs 9,630 and, there is an extra 5% lower price on every purchase.

The Cellular Store: Even this website is offering the Nokia Lumia 520 at the same cost of Rs 9,630, but moreover is offering a free 8GB small SD card.

eBay: eBay has detailed the Nokia Lumia 520 at different prices and the smallest cost is Rs 9,649.

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