Panasonic P51

Panasonic is one of the names that combination your mind when you are looking to buy a LCD TV Panasonic P51or an air-conditioner, but certainly not a smart phone. So when the company declared it was coming into the smart phone rat competition, we could not help but feel frightened about how it would handle to crack the stronghold of growing manufacturers like Micromax and Karbonn. The Panasonic P51 is Panasonic’s first effort and after a rather unreliable begin due to overpriced costs, the smart phone is now returning on everybody’s mouth after a price fall. The Mobile plays straight with the New samsung Universe Huge as far as features are involved and goes up against the HTC One S, a mature but still very appropriate device.

Design and build

The Panasonic P51 has that common “phablet” type aspect. The 5-inch show has an awesome frame complete, which improves the size of the device even further. There happens to be lot of unwanted space at the end that could have been prevented since there are not any capacitive control buttons. The edges and the returning has a smooth rubberised covering, which seems awesome to keep while providing excellent keep too. The returning is absolutely enclosed off, so all the spots for the microSIM and SD cards are placed on the side, secured by flap. The measure musician and power key are placed rather inconveniently on the top, making it difficult to do.

The device is fairly light at just 135 g and thin too at just 8.5 mm. These are better measurements when as opposed to Huge. Due to the thinner framework, the 8MP photographic camera lens projects out a bit, so you are going to have to be cautious when putting it down. Overall, we are satisfied with the fit and complete of the Panasonic P51, which changes out to be a lot better as opposed to Universe Huge.


The Panasonic P51 features in a very excellent HD IPS show, providing the pixel depend up to 294 ppi. The board is equally backlit and generates shiny, stunning colors and distinct written text. The show is also secured by Monster Pathway Cup and features an oleophobic covering as well. Panasonic has not interfered much with Jam Vegetable (4.2.1) apart from the symbol set and the inclusion of audio information. The interface is very smooth thanks to 1GB of RAM and the rapid MediaTek MT6589 SoC. This chipset features in four CPU cores operating at 1.2GHz each.

The Panasonic P51 also comes pre-installed with a lot of programs. There happens to be computer file administrator, Firefox, Evernote, Google+, Skitch, Press Discuss for DLNA, ToDo and WeChat. Panasonic also has a Fast Start function to reduce start time. The symbol set is a bit complicated at first and takes a while getting used to. Apart from this, the Panasonic P51 features like you would expect a quad-core device to run.

The Mobile also comes included with a turn protect and a capacitive stylus pen. The protect does not have an attractive part to lock/unlock the display and, unfortunately, there is no supply to keep the stylus pen anywhere with the Mobile, so we’re not sure how many people would actually use it.

Panasonic has included more movie and ipods that are not too different from the inventory gamers. The customized mp3 gamer contributes the ability to tremble the Mobile to change paths, but forfeits equaliser presets. Audio quality is better with the inventory gamer, however, since you can change the audio. None of the gamers has a secure display gadget, though.

The customized movie gamer gives you thumbnail previews of the video clips. The codec help is the same as the inventory gamer and AVI and MKV information play-back just excellent. There is only 4GB (2GB usable) of on board storage, but you can increase it via a microSD cards. The Mobile easily manages 1080p movie and the stunning show makes for a pleasant watching experience.

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