HTC has been known for searching for and providing new features to their mobile phones, and the HTC Onenewest device from their constant is the HTC One. But does it have what it takes to convert HTC’s leading performance around?

The HTC One has been designed out of a single prevent of aluminum and is available in gold and black colors. We got the black one, which looks awesome, but the gold one has the advantage, we think. The cellphone has a pretty big 4.7- inches touchscreen show with full HD (1920 x 1080) quality, below which are feather-touch important factors for Home and Returning, with the HTC logo in the center. The top side of the cellphone also has an extra photographic camera for movie talk and double speakers – one above and one below the show. The edges have the micro-SIM port and a measure musician key, while the sound port along with the energy key is situated on the top, that has an infra-red recipient built-in. Turn the cellphone around and one will find a sleek matte-finished back with precious stone cut cuts and the main photographic camera with show. The HTC logo is also etched on the rear.


Built on the Qualcomm 600 chipset, the HTC One operates on an extremely fast quad main 1.7 GHz Krait processer, and comes with 2GB RAM and 32GB of non-expandable storage space. The top side experiencing photographic camera is operated by a 2.1- mega-pixel indicator, while the one at the rear has a 4.0-megapixel one. Energizing the cellphone is a pretty big non-removable 2,300 mAh battery energy, which easily takes a day under affordable use. The One comes with 3G it support as well as Wireless, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The cellphone also comes with Surpasses Audio through the double sound system.


The HTC One comes with the newest edition of its Feeling customer interface, edition 5. The homescreen is changed by the Blinkfeed sections, basically a mix of various Internet and public nourishes operating on the show in the form of sections. You can decide which nourishes to show on this show and can choose from information, sports, technology and others. You can also have nourishes from your public networking sites operating here. Apart from the Flicker nourish, customers get two more glass where you can find program symbols and other icons. Aesthetic changes can be seen to the program board as well. Like iOS you can team the app symbols together and these can also be scrolled top to bottom. The symbols are a bit small for our preference but do give the cellphone a sharp, non-cluttered feel. HTC has packed the cellphone with new programs as well, such as the Car app, which reveals only essential programs while you are driving; and Kid method, a sort of kid secure, where only those programs will be allowed which you want your kid to use. HTC has also included a new app called Zoe, which catches images and three-second video clips to put them together into video clips clip mix and contributes songs too. It is somewhat similar to the impact seen in the John Knitter films where still images come to life.


HTC One has an Super Pixel photographic camera at the rear. The mega-pixel depend might be on the low side, but the indicator size is larger, which allows the photographic camera to catch more light. The result is amazing, and you get sharp and stunning images. The photographic camera functions extremely well in shiny sunshine and in the house. However, for extremely black locations one does need the show to be allowed. As far as the songs encounter goes, the double sound system and headsets with Surpasses Audio on this cellphone do an outstanding job. The show is good for viewing films and getting referrals, but does strain battery energy rather easily.

User Experience

The new customer interface on the HTC One is a breathing of clean air. The cellphone is fast and fill programs easily, although we would have liked a microSD card port. The HTC One TV app now does not work in Indian, which is again a bit of a let-down. The One obtained 12,208 represents in the Quadrant test, which is the best we have seen from any cellphone to date.

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